Grades: Grades are benchmarked against Crackin Slab 5+ (the 1st route on the slab). Decent: Rapel down the line of the route or down the marked line. Rack: Micro wires, micro cams and small wires are a good idea, plus your normal rack. Note: the dotted line indicates an easy access point for the routes on the upper face.


#1 Intro 5- (5a) Dan Richardson, Kai Johannessen (Trad) 2 pitches (120m). Easy climbing with mainly good gear, some runouts on easy ground.
#2 Heat wave 5+ (5c) Dan Richardson, Kai Johannessen (Trad) 3 pitches (140m). A beautiful route with some runout climbing above good gear (15m runouts).
#3 Crackin Slab 5+ (5c) Nick Ashton (Mixed) 2 or 3 pitches (140m). Lovely climbing and first route up the slab. Easy relatively well protected crack climging between runout slab (10m and 15m). An approximate line of the first 2 pitches is shown. (a) is an alternative start (70m and 2 bolts).
#4 Sunstroke 5+/6- (5c) Dan Richardson, Kai Johannessen (Mixed) 1 pitch (60m). A serious route. Climb directly up the vague crack, with some small natural gear, then climb direct to the spaced bolts. From the 2nd bolt climb trending right to the top on easy slab (20m+ runout)
#5 The Englishmen 6 (6a+) Dan Richardson, Kai Johannessen (Trad) 2 pitches (130m). A very serious route with hard runout slab climbing above poor and marginal gear.
#6 49.2 degrees of Lunacy 5+ (5c) Dan Richardson, Kai Johannessen (Trad) 1 pitch (60m). Another very serious route (solo?). Approch from 1st pitch of The Englishman or climb easy cracks below the main pitch. Climb up and rightwards along a water feature for 10m, some ok small gear. From here climb the feature system for 40m to the only gear (several small nuts and a small C3 cam). Climb easily to the top... and don't thell you wife or husband!
#7 A Taste of the Slab 6- (6a) Kai Johannessen (Bolt) 1 pitch (60m). A great fully bolted line directly up the slab, bolts are relatively spaced (4-8m)!