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#1 Feta snubben 7/7+ (6c+)
Erik Massih (Trad, 1 ascent) Opplagt offwidth til venstre for «Ronny Meldelsvensson»
#2 Ronny Medelsvensson 9 (8b)
Christer Jansson, Erik Massih (Trad, 3 ascents) This route was red pointed up to the second anchor (trad), located in a niche. The rest of the line to the top was free climbed by Erik on a previous trip, but not during the red point ascent. The route follows the old aid line "Heksenatt"
#3 Flying Vikings 8+ (7c+)
Robert Caspersen (Trad, 4 ascents) The route was named and climbed(up to the first anchor (trad) by Daniel Jung in 2013. However it has been discovered later that Robert Caspersen already free climbed this pitch back in 1995/96. He describes free climbing past the first anchor (Where Daniel Jung stopped on his redpoint) and straight up a bit before traversing left into the big dihedral. After reaching a bulge in the dihedral he rigged a belay. (Indicated on the topo). He free climbed up to this point in one pitch and estimates the grade to be about 7c+. From here he tried free climbing a second pitch, but had to pull on a lot of the gear. Back then he estimated the grade of the second pitch to be about 8a/8a+. After this easier climbing led to the top of the line. Erik Massih (who also has repeated first pitch up to the first indicated anchor) describes the climbing of the upper dihedral to be around 7c. This line still awaits a complete free ascent linking the two sections together. The old aid route to follow these cracks are "Rockin in the free world".
#4 Norwegian Crown 9- (8a) Pete Whittaker (Trad, 3 pitches)
#5 Rævkrok 8- (7b)
Mari Augusta Salvesen (Trad, 2 ascents)
#6 no name jet 9- (8a) Daniel Jung (Trad) Bouldery climbing. Ends 4m to the right of the Recovery Drink starting ledge.
#7 The Recovery Drink 9+/10- (8c+) Nico Favresse (Trad) One of the hardest crack climbs in the world. Repeated by Daniel Jung in August 2018. The route follows the old aid route "Polakkruten"
#8 Glory hands 8/8+ (7c)
Jon Egil Auestad (Trad, 2 ascents) Trad anchor. 35-40m.
#9 Articulation 9- (8a) Pete Whittaker (Trad) Direct line into the top pitch of Firefox
#10 Firefox 8+/9- (7c+)
Leo Houlding, Neil Gresham (Trad, 3 pitches, 1 ascent)
#11 Premiere moments 8+ (7c+)
Pete Whittaker (Trad, 2 pitches, 1 ascent)
#12 Kaninkoker 8/8+ (7c) Mari Augusta Salvesen (Trad) Riss i takoverheng, synlig fra stien opp til Profilveggen.
#13 Crown Duel 9/9+ (8b+) Pete Whittaker (Trad) Flying Vikings direct, into Norwegian Crown. 60m irish-mega-pitch.
#14 Jon Bønner 9 (8b) Pete Whittaker (Trad)