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Further right from 24 there have been some easy un-named lines climbed. There is bouldering in the woods next to the wall, and two of the problems are just right of route 24.


#1 Lutsi in the Sky with Diamonds 6- (6a) Sindre Bø (Trad) Traverse 2m left around the corner from the ledge, then straight up the face into a thin crack at the top.
#2 Lutsifer 6+/7- (6b) Sindre Bø (Trad, 1 ascent) Climb the steep crack system from the ledge into dihedral formations on the edge which lead to the top.
#3 St. Lutsia 6 (6a+) Leiv Aspelund (Trad, 3 ascents) The obvious corner.
#4 Superspinatus 6 (6a+) Sindre Bø (Trad, 1 ascent) Start straight up a slabby face and gain a crack which leads to a bulge at the top.
#5 Call of Nature 5+ (5c) Charlie Obhrai (Trad, 1 ascent) Step left off a big jammed block to gain access to the slab which is climbed more or less directly.
#6 The Streaker 6 (6a+) Richard Gaches (Trad) Start climbing from a square cut jug hold. Crank up to a small ledge then deviate slightly left around a blank groove. Follow the brown streak to the top.
#7 Speileggen 7 (6c) Sindre Bø (Trad) Climb the detached block on the left side. Continue up the steep wall and move leftwards to gain the arête.
#8 Serenity now 6 (6a+) Leiv Aspelund (Trad, 1 ascent) Start on the right side of the detached block to gain the dihedral leading to the crack at the top.
#9 Disneyland for Morons 6+ (6b) Sindre Bø (Trad) Start in the left dihedral, pass a bulge to the ledge and climb straight up the top face.
#10 Linda fra Lura 7- (6b+) Sindre Bø (Trad) Start in the right dihedral behind the boulder on the ground, then straight up to the ledge and straight up the top face.
#11 Tominutterskurset 6- (6a) Leiv Aspelund (Trad, 1 ascent) Follow the dihedral/groove system. Pass the bulge on the top wall on the right side.
#12 Bondedøtrene 6+ (6b) Sindre Bø (Trad) Climb the easy slabs to the bulge. Pass the bulge straight up to gain the slanting dihedral at the top. Alternatively pass the bulge on the left side (overall grade 6-)
#13 The Butterfly Effect 6- (6a) Richard Gaches (Trad, 1 ascent) Follow the stepped dihedral systems.
#14 Memento Mordi 6+ (6b) Sindre Bø (Trad, 1 ascent) Start in the same dihedral as route 13, then move right and pass a steep bulge. Continue straight up to the anchor.
#15 OPEN PROJECT n/a (Trad) Hard and steep start
#16 Villkatten 7 (6c) Leiv Aspelund (Trad) Start in the overhanging crack, climb straight up the face and straight up to the top.
#17 Lutsikatten 7 (6c) Leiv Aspelund (Trad, 1 ascent) Same start as Villkatten, traverse right after the steep start and follow a crack to the top.
#18 Queen Bitch 6- (6a) Sindre Bø (Trad, 1 ascent) Start all the way into the corner, traverse right under the roof, pass the bulge and step left to gain a crack left of Ray of Sunshine which leads to the top.
#19 Ray of Sunshine 6- (6a) Richard Gaches (Trad, 2 ascents) Climb a short slab to a ledge then step left and follow the obvious crack/dihedral system
#20 Little Wing 6 (6a+) Sindre Bø (Trad, 1 ascent) Start at the tip of the bulge, climb the crack immediately to the right of Ray of Sunshine and climb towards right through the bulge at the top.
#21 Tines meierier 6+ (6b) Trym Sæland (Trad) Climb the blocks on the left side of the corner and continue straight through the roof. Deviate left at the end to gain the same anchor as Little Wing.
#22 No More Hippy Crack 5 (5b) Richard Gaches (Trad, 1 ascent) Follow hidden cracks on the face to the right of the corner
#23 Mitt Afrika 6- (6a) Stephen Johansen (Trad, 1 ascent) Stay on the arête the entire time
#24 Via Anna 7+ (7a) Olav Storli Turtum (Trad) The short splitter crack with bouldery moves