Type: Bolt
Nr: 14
FA: Are Helge Bjørnsgaard
FA date:
Original grade: 8 (7b+)
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Torgeir Jøssang
8 (7b+)
Øyvind Salvesen
8 (7b+)
Flott klatring og noen lange strekk.
Matis Vaht
8 (7b+)
Jostein Øygarden
8 (7b+)


Matteo Gennaro
Be careful when grabbing the large flake to the right of the 3rd bolt: it sounds hollow and has a crack on all the sides. The flake is also used by the line to the right called Mephisto.
Jostein Øygarden
I removed the large flake Matteo mentioned today. It was huge and landed right where the belayer usually stands. Have tried the section on both Hades and Mephisto after the flake was removed, it should not affect the grades.