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South-west facing crag, exclusively with naturally protected lines. The rock quality is good and the lines dry quickly. So far there are 24 recorded routes with grades ranging from 5 to 7+, though most of the routes are around 6. The routes have bolted top anchors and are up to 30m long. Many of the routes have a 3-dimensional character resembling routes in bigger walls and mountains. Most of the lines are well protected, with a few exceptions marked with “R” (meaning runout - adapted from American grading). As with all new cliffs, pay attention to loose holds. Richard Gaches and Charlie Obhrai climbed the first routes in 2011. In 2015 Sindre Bø and Leiv Aspelund came along and climbed most of the remaining lines. There are still possibilities for first ascents, but the developers request that the crag is kept in a trad style and no bolts are placed on the cliff, except for top anchors. The cliff has no name on the map, but is easy to find between Høgås and Dormelinuten with a nice view on the Lutsi lake, hence the proposed name. Access either from Alsvik or the Nordland parking. From Alsvik follow the marked trail, from Nordland follow the wide trail and then up a hill and across a field. The profile of Duelifjellet East cliff is visible from the last part of the approach to Lutsi cliff (looking to the south).